Covid Care: Indirapuram & Vasundhara

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Amrit Varsha

  • Created By Ravi Tripathi
  • Due Date 293 Day Ago


Thank you for visiting our page.

My name is Ravi Tripathi and I’m the founder of Amrit Varsha NGO located in Vasundhara Sec-6

Amrit Varsha NGO, a 80G and 12A recognized not for profit organisation, is working continuously for the welfare of the underprivileged children from the slum area of Ghaziabad for 5 years.

For past 1 month we have been getting call for help. People in our area are asking for Food, groceries etc. It's just too painful to see people suffer like this.

Therefore we decided to help as many people as possible in our Area!!

We set up a full functioning Kitchen and we hired a cook so that we can serve as many people as possible. 

We started our work on 8th May and since then:

1.we have served more than 2500 kids one time meal 

2. delivered 1000 packets of meals to people who are affected by Covid and cannot cook. 


For people who need grocerries, we have created a basket comprosing of 5kg Atta, 5kg rice, 3kg Mix daal, 1kg sugar, 1ltr Refined Oil, Mix Masala, 2 Soaps. This Costs us Rs 1000

To do all of this we need your help. For Covid Care Rasoi: you can also donate materials. Here is what we need : Donate Now from Amazon

We your support we can provide this care to many more people.


Mr. Ravi Tripathi was awarded prestigious REX Karmaveer Chakra Award instituted by iCONGO and recognized by  United Nations in 2019 for his efforts in social work. He has also received many more recognitions for his efforts to uplift the underprivileged. He has been state level cricket player and coaching cricket for more than 15 years. He has also worked in eminent schools like DPS and Sumeet Dogra Academy.


We hope we have addressed most of your queries. In case you want to know more, Do visit us at our centre. We will love to have you here. You can also write to us

We have taken it upon us to serve the people of Vasundhara and Indirapuram and we need your support in continuing this work

We are providing free food to as many covid affected patients as possible in Vasundhara and Indirapuram

With your help our work got covered in Yugkarat newspaper. With such coverage, the message of our work reaches more people and it motivates many to help and so many people get helped. Thank you for supporting us

With your help we have started delivering Free Meal to all the needy and pandemic affected souls. We just want to help 1 more person ... Save 1 more Soul

We continue to serve people of Indirapuram and Ghaziabad on Day 4. We pray to god to give strength to all who are affected. We are doing our best to reach as many people as possible.

With your help, we have been feed almost 50 kids daily since we began Covid Care Rasoi

May be you are currently not coming out of your home but we want you to know that with your help, we have fed many hungry stomachs

We want to thank the donors for sending in material by using our in-kind option. Because of this one family didn't go hungry for a day

One of our supporters have helped us to get this Oxygen cylinder which is free of cost for anyone who is in Need. All you need to do is just give us a call. You can find our details on our Facebook page

With your support we have distributed Grocery Kits to many people in need. These people have lost their livelihood in this lockdown and have no other means of getting food for their family

With the funds you have contributed, we are doing our best to prepare a filling meal and distributing to the people who have been affected by corona or are in its dire need

We continue to distribute groceries. We want to thank all the contributors who have sent material directly to us via Amazon

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