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My Name is Kuldeep Chavda and I'm the Vice President of Dadu Foundation. 

As you must have read, Dadu Foundation was registered in 2018 but we have been working for the upliftment of the society way before that.  We are an 80 G registered NGO, therefore all your contributions are tax exempt under the 80G policy

We at Dadu Foundation believe that ' Education is the key solution to every social problem' 

Vision: Our vision is a world where everyone’s life is transformed through excellent education. We believe education has the power to enhance one's potential and benefit society as a whole.

Since 2018, Dadu Foundation and its service partner Technostar has been working tirelessly to improve the lives of children and young people by enabling them to have access to quality education and healthcare services, a healthy environment to live in, livelihood opportunities and to have the confidence to participate in the decisions which affect their lives.

Science Lab: 

This is an initiative by Dadu Foundation. Here we choose a school in the villages which doesn't have a proper science Lab and Provide them with Science KITs which is then renewed. 

Benefits of Kit based Education Science Box

1.Hands on Activity

2.Student manual and Workbook

3.Visual Instruction


Topics Covered: 

1.All the experiment related to science curriculum are taught in the classroom

2.This includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Duration :  10 months - 1 Day/Week

Teachers :  3 Engineer take these classes

We are currently Serving 2 Schools : 

>Shree Virpar Primary School(Std 6 to 8)

>Shree Tithva High School(9 to 10)

We need your help to reach out to more.

We hope our cause resonates with you and you will support us in the future!!

You can check our work on our facebook page also


pics and update image

Here we explained the importance of science and provided kids with Science Kits with which they can experiment and learn their courses

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5000 Expenses
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