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Posh Foundation


Total Expense: ₹ 75000
Number of Donations: 1
Amount Left: ₹ 74900


Total Expense: ₹ 50000
Number of Donations: 0
Amount Left: ₹ 50000


Total Expense: ₹ 225000
Number of Donations: 0
Amount Left: ₹ 225000


Thank you for knocking at our doorstep.

My name is Nidhi Mishra and I’m the founder of this NGO. I have Aditi Badam with me on this journey.

POSH Foundation is a 80G registered NGO. We started this journey in 2014 from a small place called Ghaziabad. This is a one of its kind physiotherapy shelter for animals which are blind, amputated or injured. We have over 100 animals currently at the shelter and we have cured more than 5000 animals in these years. Many of these speechless souls cannot be released back on the streets as they won't survive. We provide a safe space to them. The shelter is in Noida.

Finally, a bit about us. I’m a working professional and Aditi is a Physiotherapist by profession.

Our sources of fund include :  individual donors and personal mostly

We have listed our monthly expense above under 3 sections which brings transparency to the funds and increases our accountability also because we know how hard you work to earn this. And it is through this that our bond will grow stronger

We hope we have addressed most of your queries. In case you want to know more, Please visit us at our center. We will love to have you here. You can also write to us.



Name : Nidhi Mishra

NGO Name: Posh Foundation

PAN No: *****5499C


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Time for some sun!! :)
Time for some sun!! :)
Can you please scratch my back!!
Oh, We love visitors!!
Proud Moment For us
We received this award and it's all because of Ur Support