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Prerna Sewa Sansthan


Total Expense: ₹ 15000
Number of Donations: 1
Amount Left: ₹ 13900


Total Expense: ₹ 5000
Number of Donations: 0
Amount Left: ₹ 5000


Total Expense: ₹ 5000
Number of Donations: 0
Amount Left: ₹ 5000


Thank you for knocking at our doorstep.

My name is Tarun Manav and I’m  the founder of this NGO. I have Mohit Gupta  as co-founder with me on this journey.

Prerna Vridh Ashram is a Sewa Initiative of PRERNA SEWA SANSTHAN. This is a 80G registered NGO. We started in 2011 from a small place called Ghaziabad with a single Mission to help the needy. We do many things like cloth drives, food distribution and we even run branches for Kids, Old and destitutes. We are working day and night to make sure that they have a hope that they have a better today and tomorrow.

Finally, a bit about me. I’m working whole heartedly to make sure that they can get their needs fulfilled and have a bsic standard of living

There are different ways in which people can help us achieve our Vision. You can contribute towards the above listed requirements by donating Cash. You can even volunteer with us.

Our sources of fund include:  individual contributors and self funding with some help from local corporate offices

Of the total expense we incur every month, we have listed a part of it here. We have done this to avoid dual capturing of the same fund.  We want our bond to be stronger and we believe transparency is the only way to achieve.

We hope we have addressed most of your queries. In case you want to know more, Do visit us at our centre. We will love to have you here. You can also write to us.


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