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What did we do before creating this platform and deciding to help more NGOs…… Well it all started in 2016 from our college IMT, Ghaziabad, with helping small NGOs raise funds with whatever limited reach we had….We did many kind of drives for them from gathering clothes, to distributing mattresses, to even raising funds to help them during the uprising of Corona. You can check our initial work on our Facebook page or Insta also!


This is the First platform I have seen that lists the needs of an NGO and gathers funds specific to that. It's also great to see that all the NGOs are Registered and can provide 80G certificate.

Rishav Siddharth

Urgesture matters is one of an organic platform formed by a bunch of people who care and wish to change the way NGOs function. Not only does urgesture bridge the gap between donors and NGOs, it also helps to imply the management solutions to ensure smooth functioning of the non profits. Urgesture just helps to make world less capitalist, one day at a time.

Stuti Relan

UrGesture is a platform that is truly genuine and trust worthy. By supporting the NGOs and initiatives of urGesture, I can actually transparently see how my contribution be it monetary or voluntary, have actually made a difference in someone's life.

So! There are so many CrowdFunding website
Why should you
choose us?
We want NGOs to work on your behalf for the betterment of the society. For this to happen the bond needs to be strengthened and we beileve transperancy is the key to this. We want to promote the NGOs in your neighborhood or a place of your choice.
So that funds are not restricted to those few NGOs who have a huge team to gather funds.