Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Its extremely simple. Just choose a need for a NGO and click Donate. You will be directed to our payment gateway where you can donate via debit or credit card
Answer: We want you to connect with the NGO of your choice. You can volunteer or Celebrate any specific occasion by simply clicking on the Option provided on the NGO’s page. You can help a lot by simply share NGO of your choice with your friends and family.
Answer: Your name and amount will be displayed on the NGO’s story page. UR GESTURE gives you an option to donate anonymously also.
Answer: Obviously you can. But the reason we have listed different needs under a NGO so that people can help the NGO holistically.
Answer: You can get in touch with us via
Answer: UR GESTURE follows a very stringent process to onboard an NGO. We do not approve an NGO unless all the required documents are submitted by the NGO and we have gone through them.
Answer: On UR GESTURE, donations to all the NGOs with an 80G tax exemption certificate are tax deductible. All the certificates can be accessed from your Dashboard under Receipts section.
Answer: We accept donation from international card allowed by our payment gateway.
Answer: The Donor(s) can initiate a request seeking refund of amount donated by it. However, the Donor(s) acknowledges that the amount can only be refunded if the said amount donated by the Donor(s) has not been transferred to the campaign owner(s). Upon request and upon fulfilling the above criteria the amount will be refunded to the Donor(s) within 31 days. The refund will be initiated to the Donor(s) using the same payment method used by the Donor(s) to make the donation(s)
Answer: We will be deducting the Transaction fees before refunding the amount if the donor has not paid the transaction fees.
Answer: Once any donation is made, Impact Guru is liable to pay the payment gateway fees. Even in the case of a refund, the payment gateway charge stands and thus has to be deducted from the refunded amount.
Answer: Currently we have restricted ourselves with Online Payments but you can always raise a request for cash.