Success Story

We helped NGO raise funds to distribute blankets to the less privileged people. The smile on their faces was an ultimate reward for all the contributors of this fundraiser.

With the onset of Corona, we successfully raised funds to help Prerna Sewa Sansthan buy sanitizers and temperature guns so that they can keep the Bal Ashram and Vridh ashram safe and continue to serve the society.

We conducted another successful volunteer driven Drama Session at Vijayash Foundation, Karkarduma, Delhi. The focus of the session was Discrimination. The kids were split into groups and given different topics to act upon. This session was all about teaching the concept of freeze-mob.

Nov saw one of the most severe smogs in Delhi-NCR. The people got together to help the 29 Kids of the NGO have filtered air to breathe. We raised fund to Buy Dettol Masks for all the 29 kids.

To keep the kids engaged in creative activities, the graduates from Delhi University successfully conducted a drama session. The volunteers had an amazing time and so did the kids.

A coloring competition was successfully conducted at an NGO in Karkarduma, Delhi from the supplies contributed. Its was a day filled with excitement, creativity and most importantly positive energy.

Due to few Donors leaving the town, the NGO lost supply of milk for the kids. To help them with that, we created and successfully completed a fundraiser to help the kids with their Milk Needs.

We created a crowdsourcing event for a small NGO in Karkarduma, Delhi where people contributed books, cloths, sports equipments etc to help the kids from the nearby EWS be motivated to study and develop their personality.

We created a crowdfunding campaign to help the innocent kids of an small, local NGO beat the scorching heat of Delhi. We raised close to 27000. The funds were used to buy inverter and batteries.

While moving out of college, the students of IMT Ghaziabad created a crowdsourcing campaign where they contributed their items such as Mattresses, cloths, stationery items etc, which were used by the nearby small NGO.

An amazing Deepawali was celebrated by the children at Prerna Sewa Sansthan. All because you all helped by buying the Diyas.

We conducted our first successful fundraiser for Prerna Sewa Sansthan, Ghazibad. The Diyas were painted and sold to students and teachers of IMT Ghaziabad. The funds were given to the NGO to buy supplies for the Diwali.