There is a team of certified MBBS who will guide you through the following:

  • Information about danger signs of COVID and when to seek help
  • Conservation Management of Mild Cases at home
  • Information regarding nature of vaccine and proccess of vaccination
  • Isolation and Quarantine Rules
  • Information regarding protocols and nature of treatment


The Doctors will get in touch. Please message.

Do not Panic Call. We understand your emergency.

Doctors Data

# Name City State Phone Number
1 Dr. Rupa Lahari Chittoor Andhra Pradesh 7207165857
2 Dr. G Javeed Khan Chittor Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 8884846068
3 Dr. Shaik Niloufer Guntur Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 9490964728
4 Dr.T.Sandeep Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 8712927584
5 Dr. Arshitha A K Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 8297578714
6 Dr. Harsha Babu K Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 9035183395
7 Dr. R Mohana Murali Krishna Kurnool Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 6302813318
8 Dr.T.Sandeep Siddipet Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 8712927584
9 Dr.Anil Kumar CH Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 9686649446
10 Dr. Syed Nadeem Ahamed Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 8095070710
11 Dr. Syed Nadeem Ahamed Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 8095070710
12 Dr. Sneha Sinha Patna Bihar 9538396088
13 Dr. Shivendra Kumar Purnea Bihar 8709271994
14 Dr. Rajesh Behura Delhi Delhi 9738250238
15 Dr. Rajat Saini Delhi Delhi 9416150548
16 Dr. Deblina Datta Vadodara Gujarat 8073636033
17 Dr. Rajat Saini Haryana Haryana 9416150548
18 Dr. Tasaduq Hussain Lone Baramulla Jammu & Kashmir 7780982688
19 Dr. Komal Singh Ranchi Jharkhand 7488928633
20 Dr. Sourabh Bijjargi Athani Karnataka 7676351323
21 Dr. Suma Horatti Bagalkot Karnataka 9113040942
22 Dr. Muhammad Aasif Bagalkot Karnataka 8892529708
23 Dr. Siddu Biradar Bagalkot Karnataka 7899170642
24 Dr. Suma Horatti Bagalkot Karnataka 9113040942
25 Dr. Srishti Patil Bagalkot Karnataka 9902741637
26 Dr. Srinag Bangalore Karnataka 9353234541
27 Dr. Sneha Sinha Bangalore Karnataka 9538396088
28 Dr. Deblina Datta Bangalore Karnataka 8073636033
29 Dr. Suprita Teli Belgaum Karnataka 9480320739
30 Dr. Naveen Uppar Bellary Karnataka 7022221696
31 Dr. Haneef Bellary Karnataka 9686644937
32 Dr. Vijay Gowda K R Bengaluru Karnataka 9900808273
33 Dr. Vijay Gowda K R Bengaluru Karnataka 9900808273
34 Dr. Thilak M.S Chikkaballapur Karnataka 9663929545
35 Dr.Srivatsa Chikkaballapur Karnataka 9738888945
36 Dr. Archana N R Sullia Dakshina Kannada Karnataka 9148547382
37 Dr. Dhananjaya A N Devangere Karnataka 8892854480
38 Dr. Hanamanthgouda Patil Gadag Karnataka 9945115463
39 Dr. Shoaib Beig Gokak Karnataka 9742960262
40 Dr. Syed Jalal Patel Gulbarga Karnataka 8095697973
41 Dr. Vinut Harugeri Karnataka 9448877117
42 Dr. Nitin Bhat Hubli Karnataka 7676202411
43 Dr. Yashas Kelagar Ranebennur Karnataka 8618872652
44 Dr. Bhanuprakash Ranebennur Karnataka 9964797441
45 Dr. Aakanksha Padma Naik Uttar Kannada Karnataka 9594939813
46 Dr. Siddesh N M Vijayapura Karnataka 9591226939
47 Dr. Anjaly Ernakulam Kerala 9074087434
48 Dr. Anjaly Idukki Kerala 9074087434
49 Dr Nivedha Kochi Kerala 9497587198
50 Dr. S Reshma Mohan Kollam Kerala 8848665858
51 Dr. Rahima M K Kozhikode Kerala 7022244992
52 Dr. Kavya Nair Palakkad Kerala 7022244643
53 Dr Surya Rajagopal Palakkad Kerala 7022244634
54 Dr. Archana Nair Thiruvalla Kerala 8073636748
55 Dr. Architha A K Thrissur Kerala 8297578714
56 Dr. Sakshi Pandey Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh 7389399587
57 Dr. Aakanksha Padma Naik Mumbai Maharashtra 9594939813
58 Dr. Syed Jalal Patel Mumbai Maharashtra 8095697973
59 Dr. T. Pavithren Puducherry Puducherry 9940592949
60 Dr.Anjali Manoharan Chennai Tamil Nadu 8220669461
61 Dr.Varsha Suresh Chennai Tamil Nadu 8939298165
62 Dr. Sachin Kumar V Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 9626992210
63 Dr. T. Pavithren Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu 9940592949
64 Dr. S Pradeep Tanjore Tamil Nadu 9159996666
65 Dr.Ayshwarya Thanjavur Tamil Nadu 9677657796
66 Dr. A J Vishal Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu 7373112465
67 Dr. Sagar Saeed Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 9621300786

What happens to you after COVID infection?

Clinicians and scientists globally are working to find out what happens to people as they recover. They are also trying to identify any long-term problems that occur. They are trying to work out what treatments work and how to help future disease.

It is unknown what will happen to people as they recover, however, there is some information to help from other countries as well. Doctors and scientists are also using knowledge from recovery from other types of pneumonia.

Severe COVID disease is defined by the level of respiratory support individuals needed when in hospital. This could be where individuals needed a lot of extra oxygen or a bedside machine to help breathing but were able to breathe for themselves. It could also be where they were put on a ventilator that breathed for them for a period of time. These patients are looked after on an intensive care unit.

There are known consequences on many aspects of the body when someone needs a ventilator for more than two days.

Other admissions to hospital are currently described as ‘mild to moderate’ COVID disease.

These terms are used as guidelines to help decide what type of clinical follow up care is needed.

What might happen to me?

Every individual’s experience is unique.

There are many symptoms caused by the acute illness. Common symptoms include cough, fevers, muscle aches, and lethargy (tiredness / fatigue). Some people experienced breathlessness. Symptoms of loss of taste and loss of smell were common. The latter symptoms are less common with other viruses.

Many people will make a full recovery. It may take weeks to a few months. We expect that some people will have ongoing symptoms of cough, breathlessness, poor or reduced sleep, fatigue, anxiety and low mood.

Image Source: Hindustan Times